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Shafraaz Kaba, Architect, AAA, MRAIC, LEED®AP, AVS

Shafraaz started off studying Engineering and decided he would much rather draw than do Calculus. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design Studies, he finished his Master of Architecture degree at Dalhousie University.

Traveling to Halifax to attend school gave Shafraaz the travel bug. He has traveled to East Africa, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has worked in London, England and all the way to the far reaches of Northern Pakistan. In Pakistan, Shafraaz was holed up in a small town called Gilgit where he camped for eight months without reliable power, water or other services. This experience has given him a deep appreciation of building systems and their integration in modern buildings. His work in London included projects at Millennium Dome and other hi-tech buildings with architects Michael Hopkins, Norman Foster, and Nicholas Grimshaw.

He is a founding Member of the Media, Art and Design Exposed (M.A.D.E.) in Edmonton Society which creates public programs that bring design, art and architecture to the public. Shafraaz is a founding member of the Edmonton Design Committee, a project review panel for downtown Edmonton. He finds time to write for the Edmonton Journal, and has been a regular contributor to Canadian Architect, AZURE, Canadian Interiors and Avenue magazines.


Glen Ronald, Artist & Founder of Spark Centre

Canadian artist, ex-micribiology student, and former teacher Glen Ronald calls himself a “chaos whisperer,” for the way he “creates a field of chaos and pulls the cosmos (or order) out of it,” according to his bio. What that means is, he starts every illustration off with some bona fide chaos (e.g. ink splotches, subconscious drawing, erratic stamping), then reads it like a Rorschach Test, pulling meaningful images from the ether. According to an interview with Marker Magazine, he sometimes goes through up to 50 experiments before finding one he considers meaningful.