Soulfront Events


Our events are casual; wear your jeans and relax. But don’t be fooled. Our content is awesome! Soulfront facilitates events that connect you with fascinating speakers who love what they do and get to do what they love every day. Our speakers will pique your curiosity by sharing their journeys, what they do, and, most importantly, why they do it. These are people whose lives are full of meaning, purpose, and passion that you can learn from so you can create a life you love. You’ll also connect with other attendees—inspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and community organizers who wish to make a real difference!

If you are looking for elite public speaking talent for your event or business function, simply email us at contactus@soulfront.ca.

Soulfront events are designed to ignite excitement, idea sharing, personal growth, and the realization of our potential.


Soulfront Blog & Podcasts


When you sign up for Soulfront we ask you three questions. What is your passion? Who would you like us to interview? What one question do we need to ask? Then we connect with inspiring people to hear their stories. How did they fail? Why did they continue to pursue their passion? What is their definition of success? And most importantly, how did they create the amazing lives they have today?

At Soulfront we are on a mission to interview people of interest with a passion to make significant change in business, in the community, and in their own lives. Our interviews are conversational, light-hearted, and fun. We look for the person behind the passion to understand what it takes to be significant. All interviews are published online through blog posts and podcasts.


Soulfront Workshops & One-on-One Sessions.

MBA Soulfront Event

Finding your passion is a process that continues throughout life. Soulfront workshops and one-on-one sessions help you recognize your skills, set goals, and maximize your potential. We pinpoint elements that will enhance your prospects, raise your confidence, and lead you to a more satisfying, higher quality of life.

If you would like a personalized workshop or one-on-one session to ignite your personal, professional, and business development, look no further. Simply email us at contactus@soulfront.ca. We can also come into your place of business to lead customized group workshops to help spark the passion of your team.