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 The Soulfront community brings people, ideas, and passion together to create a space for introspection and exploration of character. It’s no secret that many of us get to a certain stage in life and start to wonder where we are headed. What’s the point? Why are you doing what you do? Maybe you’re starting to ask these questions as you finish school, or perhaps they’ve floated up because you’ve noticed your first gray hairs. Either way, the urge to live with passion can take you on an important personal journey that breathes life into your soul. Soulfront is a connector for creative, passionate people focused on making a difference in business, the community, and their individual lives.

Why are we here?

Soulfront’s purpose is to create spaces for passion & authentic self.

How’s it done?

We bring together like minded Leaders, Artists, Organizers and Entrepreneurs to inspire learn and share.

What do we do?

Soulfront offers events, podcasts, blogs and workshops to learn from people who do what they love so they can love what they do everyday.