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 The Soulfront community brings people, ideas, and passion together to create a space for introspection and exploration of character. It’s no secret that many of us get to a certain stage in life and start to wonder where we are headed. What’s the point? Why are you doing what you do? Maybe you’re starting to ask these questions as you finish school, or perhaps they’ve floated up because you’ve noticed your first gray hairs. Either way, the urge to live with passion can take you on an important personal journey that breathes life into your soul. Soulfront is a connector for creative, passionate people focused on making a difference in business, the community, and their individual lives.

Why are we here?

Soulfront’s purpose is to create spaces for passion & authentic self.

How’s it done?

We bring together like minded Leaders, Artists, Organizers and Entrepreneurs to inspire learn and share.

What do we do?

Soulfront offers events, podcasts, blogs and workshops to learn from people who do what they love so they can love what they do everyday.

Scotty Riddell

Soulfront Founder & CEO

Scott Riddell believes that life is a journey that should be full of passion and joy. An accomplished speaker and leader, he created Soulfront to provide a space where likeminded people can meet and learn from one another so that they can create lives they love and make a difference in the lives of others.

Scott Riddell

Scott is a branch manager with ATB Financial, where he leads, coaches, and develops employees so they can achieve business, professional, and personal goals. He also conducts leadership, career, and financial literacy sessions at the University of Alberta and in the community. In 2015, Scott completed the John C. Maxwell Leadership Certification program.

A graduate of the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, Scott is a mentor in the University of Alberta MBA Mentorship Program and volunteers with the Terwillegar Community League board of directors. A father of two, he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring Edmonton, travelling, and reading.

Dave Sharma

Soulfront Director of Business Development

Dave brings a wealth of knowledge from the areas of Finance, investments and Start-up world. He has worked for Private Equity and Investment Banking firms in India, New York and London for nearly 8 years before starting an MBA at University of Alberta.


He started his career with Standard & Poor’s in 2007 and his latest job was with EY, where he worked on Mid-market M&A deals for clients based out of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Dave has also worked with organizations like Startup Grind, YouCanRideTwo, PRMIA and Waste Warriors as a volunteer.

Catch him over a cup of coffee to discuss topics related to M&A, startups, PE/VC, books, travel, sports, Canada, India, etc.

Sarah Prendergast

Soulfront Chief Operating Officer


Satish Narayanan

Soulfront Social Media Director

Satish N

Abhishek Ghosh

Soulfront Human Resources Director


Amy Stevens

Soulfront Public Relations & Advisory Board Director

amy stevens

Kriti Shukla

Soulfront IT & CRM Director

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Emily Deveaux

Soulfront Marketing Advisor

My name is Emmy Deveaux. I like to work, I have never known what it is like to dislike my work. I believe in life balance but that only comes when you are happy and happiness takes work and commitment. I am a very spiritual person who believes that if I identify my goals in life that they can and will be achieved.

I am equally creative as I am business minded and probably change my website 4 times per year depending on my mood. I work around the world and ask myself each day “When was the last time I did something for the first time?” I love life and have always made the most of it.

You might be surprised to know these things about me:

I don’t like New York or big cities – I am an Introvert – I am allergic to Broccoli – I have always wanted to be a Tornado Chaser – I have a passion for animals – I hope to one day to live on a farm but also in a condo – I am married – I am a vegetarian – I own an interior design company – I love cycling and spin class – I would have a hundred dogs if I was allowed – I have a lake house – I like camping – I always wear high heels – I love to drink Scotch